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Our Philosophy

abode keeps you and your home safe. It also makes it super smart. Our solution is a beautifully designed home security system that can be configured specifically for your home.

Abode Iota Image

Logo Vision

The abode logo is inspired by four elements, the letter “A”, the apex of a roof, overlapping curtains and angel wings.

Icon Vision A A is for abode. abode is about real security made real simple.
Icon Vision House Like the roof over our heads. Abode is about protecting the ones and the things we love.
Icon Vision Curtains Like curtains. Its about privacy. Protecting whats inside.
Icon Vision Wings Like a gaurdian angel. abode activilely monitors your home.

Logo Clearspace

Clear space is the area surrounding the logo that must be kept free of other graphical elements. This is known as the keep out zone.

Vertical Logo

The minimum required clear space is defined by the measurement “X” as shown. This measurement is equal to the width of the logo wing (thickness).

Horizontal Logo

In the case of the horizontal logo, the clear space “X” is equal to 1.5x times the height of the logo.

Clearspace Logo Vertical Clearspace Logo Horizontal

Logo Variations

The full color vertical logo is our primary logo and should be used wherever possible on extremely dark or light backgrounds. For any other backgrounds or single color use our monochromatic logos shoud be used.

Download Logos
Logo Variation Color Light A is for abode. abode is about real security made real simple.
Logo Variation Color Dark A is for abode. abode is about real security made real simple.
Logo Variation Mono Light A is for abode. abode is about real security made real simple.
Logo Variation Mono Dark A is for abode. abode is about real security made real simple.

Minimum Size

To ensure the legibility of our logo we have established a minimum size. The vertical version should be no smaller than 60px or 18mm wide.

The horizontal version should be no smaller than 140px or 32mm wide.

Logo Size Vertical
Logo Size Horizontal

Logo Misuse

It is important that the appearance of the logo remains consistent. The logo should not be misinterpreted, modified, or added to. No attempt should be made to alter the logo in any way.

Logo Misuse 1 Do not apply a gradient to or wordmark.
Logo Misuse 2 Do not rotate logo.
Logo Misuse 3 Do not change logo colors.
Logo Misuse 4 Do not edit or change original logo.
Logo Misuse 5 Do not distort or warp the logo in any way.
Logo Misuse 6 Do not use drop shadows or any other effects.
Logo Misuse 7 Do not outline logo.
Logo Misuse 8 Do not change the transparency of the logo.

Our Colors

abode has a strong blue accent used in combination with light and dark colors. This mimics the black and white appearance of the products that has become quite synonymous with the abode brand.

The brand color palette consists of 3 main colors with light an dark tonal variations. White or black can be used in equal parts but the correct, corresponding tones should be used.


LT Light Grey #EFF0F0 R239   G240   R240
LT Dark Grey #2D3037 R45   G48   B55
LT Blue #44BED8 R68   G190   B216


DK Light Grey #F2F4F5 R242   G244   R245
DK Dark Grey #525969 R82   G89   B105
DK Blue #6ECADE R110   G202   B222


IBM Plex Sans and Heebo are our brand’s digital typefaces. Our typography spans from web fonts, to the printed materials. Lato is used for a packaging only.

Showcase Imagery

abode’s isolated renders allow us to cleanly and clearly showcase specific product features and provide a full 360, unhindered view of the product.

Do not attempt to composite these images with lifestyle photos or complicated backgrounds.

Download Renders
Showcase Image 1
Showcase Image 2
Showcase Image 3

Lifestyle Imagery

Just as important, is showing our products in the context of the family home.These photos must always be vibrant, colorful and full of life. Never drab, staged or corporate.

Our products can simply appear naturally in the background of a scene with people. As an example of where you would setup the device. Or an instructional image of how to install a device.

Download Images
Lifestyle Image 1
Lifestyle Image 2
Lifestyle Image 3

Background Images

Our tiles images can be used as backgrounds for generic headers in things like email templates or simple banner ads.

Front facing product images can be placed in front of these backgrounds as long as they are aligned with the straight lines made by the tiles.

Download backgrounds
Background Image 1
App Icon

New App Images

We have re-built the abode app from the ground up. Our new 5.0 native releases for iOS and Android is already in beta with a full release on the horizon.

Beautiful iPhone mockups of our screenshots are now available for download.

Download mockups
iPhones Mockups
Step 1

What are you looking for?

abode is a great fit for a lot of scenarios. What are your requirements?

A Security System
Security Cameras

What are you protecting?

abode is a great fit for a lot of scenarios. Which are you looking to protect?


How many doors are accessible from outside?

Let's make sure your most vulnerable entryways are protected.


How many windows on the ground floor?

These are the 2nd most common entry point for burglars.


How would you like your system monitored?

Monitor your home yourself on your device, or set up professional monitoring so authorities automatically respond to alarms.

Professional Monitoring
Self Monitoring

What sort of security system are you looking for?

To give you the best recommendation let us know what sort of integrations you are looking for in your alarm system.

Traditional Alarm System without integrations.
Alarm System with Alexa & Google integrations.
HomeKit, ZigBee & Z-Wave integrations

Lastly, how would you like to be contacted?

We want to send you our best recommendation.

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