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Why DIY Security is Especially Relevant Right Now

It’s no secret, COVID-19 has things turned upside down right about now. The more we have thought about it at abode, the more we have realized that our business is luckily already operating in compliance with social distancing procedures.

  • Your system is fully sold online and shipped right to your door. No human contact occurs at any point in the process (unless you are really friendly with your delivery person)
  • You can easily set it up by yourself in minutes without the need to let a stranger into your home to install anything
  • You likely have some extra time on your hands to get your system operating just the way you like it and test everything out
  • If you have any questions or need support, you can contact us through a message on our website or an email. No human contact or visit necessary!

But, there are more reasons to talk about securing your home during this time of uncertainty. We know global circumstances are making you face challenges and deal with fears that normally aren’t on your mind. If you have been considering home security for a while and are ready to make a purchase with all of your newfound free time, a DIY system like abode is a really wise choice right about now.

Time to Assess What You Have
While you’re at home, take advantage of the opportunity to look around and see what needs protecting that isn’t already being protected. Are there areas of your home that are vulnerable to water leaks? Are there doors or windows that are out of sight of your motion detectors? Is there a liquor cabinet that could use a sensor on it to alert you of kids or teenagers getting into something they shouldn’t?

Thinking about security while you’re actually at home allows you to see your home’s vulnerabilities in more detail.

Time to Plan for What’s Ahead
The world is changing. We are not alarmists, but it is true that desperate times can call for desperate measures. It is yet to be seen how COVID-19 will affect crime. Hopefully, everyone including the criminal-minded will practice safe social distancing. But, it may be wise to think about securing your home now in the event things get crazier.

Time to Integrate All Your Smart Devices
One of the FUN things to talk about when it comes to abode devices and smart technology in general is the option to integrate your stuff. Lucky for abode users, all our gear integrates seamlessly with Apple’s HomeKit, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Sonos, and all kinds of Zigbee and Z-Wave devices. Occupy your extra time by creating automations that make your life easier (and more entertaining).

Share your best automations with us on Facebook! We want to hear them!

Time to Save on Security
To show our support in these really weird/frustrating/fearful/confusing times, we’re extending all of our most recent sale offers. Get free shipping on orders of $25 or more within the continental United States AND we have up to 50% off a lot of the products on our website right now.

If you’re ready to bulk up, stock up, or start-up on DIY home security, you can shop now!

Stewart Grant

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