Age In Place With Confidence.

abode gives you the tools you and your loved ones need to remain independent and at home, longer. Alert or be alerted instantly of break-ins, fire, medical emergencies, and more.

abode lets you set notifications so anyone you choose can be alerted when something goes wrong. That way, you or your loved one is never truly home alone.

  • Set up custom mobile alerts so anyone can be immediately notified of noteworthy events
  • Create automations to make life easier & more convenient
  • Remotely arm & disarm the system to ensure the home is secure at all times
  • Check in on live video at any time right from your phone
  • Communicate back & forth with two-way voice-enabled devices
  • Add multiple panic buttons to your system throughout the home so there are no vulnerable spots

Get Critical Alerts Immediately

When every second counts, abode saves time by alerting you the instant something goes wrong

  • Be alerted via push notification, text, and email
  • Customize who receives notifications so everyone who needs to be alerted will be
  • Set up custom notifications so you know exactly what went wrong
  • Trigger panic alarms for break-in or medical emergencies and get help sent out immediately

    medical alerts require professional monitoring

The Devices You Need For Complete Peace Of Mind

Connect up to 160 devices to your system to protect from any threat

  • Traditional security devices like door & window sensors, motion sensors, and more help protect from break-ins
  • Camera-enabled devices allow you to view live video of your home right from your phone or computer
  • Send alerts to loved ones and emergency personnel with our one-touch Panic Button
  • Water leak sensors send notifications and sound an alarm as soon as water is detected somewhere it shouldn't be
  • Two-way voice-enabled devices allow you to hear & speak right though our app

Set Up Automations To Make Life Easier

Use abode’s automation engine with connected devices to help make home more comfortable & secure without a second thought

  • Pre-set lights to turn on 5 minutes after sunset and off at 10PM
  • Set the thermostat to 68° at bedtime and 72° in the morning
  • Lock doors & arm your abode system once you’re home for the evening
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abode offers incredibly flexible plan options which means you can pick the one that best suits your needs. We have a totally free Basic plan that is included with every system. On our Basic plan, you will self-monitor your system so any alarm events will go to all users on a system and you can check-in and contact the necessary authorities.

On our Secure plan, your system is professionally monitored and a press of the panic button will automatically dispatch authorities. Any other alarm will be followed up on by our monitoring center with a phone call to determine if help needs to be sent.

The choice is totally yours and you have the freedom to switch between plans anytime without penalty.

Yes! We know how important it is to be alerted immediately if someone leaves the house. You can set your system up to receive an alert anytime a door is opened & closed. Not just when the system is armed.

Yes, our system operates with internet as the primary connection. iota can connect to either Ethernet or WiFi.

Our Connect & Secure plans offer cellular backup for your system. That means that if your internet goes down your system will automatically connect to the strongest cell connection in your area. Every kit comes pre-loaded with a SIM card so no need to do anything on your end.

We have backup for this, too. Each system has built-in battery backup that should last up to 5 hours in the event the power to your system is shut off.

We have designed abode to be incredibly easy to install. Almost all of our devices require just an adhesive installation. Our app features guided instructions to walk you through the setup of your system step-by-step. We also offer professional installation service if you’d prefer. Simply choose it as your installation option at checkout.

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abode is a great fit for a lot of scenarios. Which are you looking to protect?


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How would you like your system monitored?

Monitor your home yourself on your device, or set up professional monitoring so authorities automatically respond to alarms.

Professional Monitoring
Self Monitoring

What sort of security system are you looking for?

To give you the best recommendation let us know what sort of integrations you are looking for in your alarm system.

Traditional Alarm System without integrations.
Alarm System with Alexa & Google integrations.
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